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Vernal pool filled with frog eggs.

It’s spring here in central PA, which means on a warm sunny day you can hear wood frogs calling to their mates. You’ll also hear neighbors exclaim, “I heard the frogs have you!?!”

The frogs are the sign that we’re ALMOST through the dark, winter months. Summer is on its way.

I'd like to rush ahead to the good part of summer — gardens overflowing, summer fairs, and sun-soaked days — and yet there’s no choice but to wait and get there one gorgeous, snow squall-filled spring day at a time. 

Raise your hand šŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļø  if you'd like to just skip to the good part of running a successful business?! 

Many business coaches tell you you can do just that.

 They promise the sun-soaked days of business as being right around the corner. They have the magic spell needed to get there all you need to do is buy their program for $2999 and you too can sit on the beach all day.

Bullshit. Sorry, it just isn’t true. 

It takes time to build your business, just like it takes time for those glorious frog eggs to turn into amazing frogs! 

We need to take time to allow ourselves as business owners to not just learn what would best serve our ideal clients, but what best serves YOU as a business owner. 

We as business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs need to slow down, just for a beat.

Ask yourself first what is it you want to create? Who do you want to be as you create it? Who do you want to be on the other side of building your business? 

Really listen

What do you want to cultivate? In your life. In your business. In the world. 

Once you can fully envision what you want to embody, then you can begin to choose strategies and tactics that are in true integrity with your goals and your values. 

This will give you the compass you need to guide your business to success, one small step at a time.

The best part — it’s never too late or too early to slow down and LISTEN.

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