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Not Every Business Needs to Make 7-Figures

Not every business needs to become a 7-figure business.

What?! Yep, I said it. 

Not every business needs to become a 7-figure business.

I know it goes against EVERYTHING you hear spewing out of the be a badass boss clubs.

But, it isn’t for everyone, and that’s OKAY!

Don’t I...

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Start With What You Don't Want

Several years ago, I moved to London for an extended stay.

An exciting opportunity and everything confused me.

The little details of everyday life overwhelmed me. Tasks that were normally easy felt difficult.

How to get groceries—without a car.

How to find American peanut butter.

How to...

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Ready. Set. Go. Reset.
Ready. Set. Go. Reset.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. It is personal, intimate work.

And when things don’t go as planned, either in your business or in your personal life —

you send out a newsletter, and a reader tries to shame you for homeschooling your children,

‍a contractor...

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An Easy Button for Your Business

An easy button. Wouldn’t it be grand if we could all have one for our business creation?

I know I would like one.

Sadly, there isn’t one. I’ve looked high and low — no easy button.

That doesn’t mean that being an entrepreneur is all hard work and hustle.



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Trust Yourself Enough

What would happen if you trusted yourself enough to develop your craft?

Sit with that for a moment.   Ask yourself, how does that feel? 

A little scary, a little exciting, a little fun? A little bit of all the things? 

Yep, that's what I feel–all the things. 

I know the...

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The Four Pillars of doing business the Middle Way

Are you ready to stop hustling and check-in with your business?

Creating an aligned business can be as simple as remembering to check-in with these four pillars to find the middle way to do business. 

Checking-in falls into the simple, not easy category.

I encourage everyone to check-in with...

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Is it time for a vision board refresh?

I have had the SAME vision board since I started my business back in 2010.

This morning it fell off the wall above the aforementioned whiteboard where it normally hangs forgotten. I looked at it and realized it was time for a refresh.

Yep. I have had the SAME vision board. How? What I do now is...

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