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We believe in the power of curiosity, wonder, and compassionate iteration.

This is how Wildpreneurs
DO business differently. 

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The Wildpreneur MethodTM 

Your business is an ecosystem made up of symbiotic relationships & elements. These elements, working in synchronicity, generate an abundant environment beneficial to everyone involved. 

Perspective: How you share your unique values and message

Purpose: The reason you do what you're doing (for yourself & for others) 

Presence: Doing the work & marketing your business

Profit: Reaping the multi-layered benefits of your work (money, time, impact)

Peace: Planning time to rest & regenerate to manifest your wildest goals

A Wildpreneur consciously cultivates each of the 5 elements supporting their whole business to generate presence and profit in integrity with their goals and values.


Work with Carmen

Follow Your True Path

We believe in
rewilding ourselves, connecting with and honoring our natural processes. We believe that our intuition is our own innate compass, and it directs us toward our truest path. 

When we go against our natural instincts, we meet with resistance, and resistance does not build resilience.

We know that fear is a natural messenger, we know the inner critic is alive and well, and we do the work to face those learnings.

Our gifts should be celebrated, not taken for granted. Building a business is best done in the community. We work to turn our big dreams into achievable action plans.

We are Wildpreneurs.

We’re a little bit magic, a little bit badass, and a whole lotta got your back.

We are . . .

. . . high achievers with big ideas and we believe that business ebbs and flows through the seasons.

. . . entrepreneurs who work toward continuous improvement that includes rest and true self-care.

. . . believers in a deeper wisdom that we access through embodied and shared knowledge.

. . . believers in the power of spirit guides AND science

Simple & Balanced


We know that in business there is no single magical formula for growth.

We develop systems and structures to track your unique path to success.

We work with the whole ecosystem to create an abundant life

We DO business differently

We tend to your wellbeing and your bank account.

We don't believe in the preconceived notion of success. What's successful for you is different from any other entrepreneur out there. 

All goals are beautiful. 

There is no shame in figuring out what works best for you—even if it looks very different from what everyone else is doing.

Ways to Work with Carmen

Be a Wildpreneur!

Wildpreneurs . . .don’t believe in a preconceived notion of success. Every entrepreneur is unique! We help you get where you’re going, honoring your life, your goals, your responsibilities, and your path.

We track your individual path to success.


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Consult with Carmen

Doing business in alignment with your true self is a simple philosophy but it isn't always easy to implement alone. 

Ever wish you could ask a marketer what they think of your launch strategy? Or what the best tactic is for social media? 

Now you can!

A few ideas of what you can bring to our call: 

  • How can I like marketing myself?
  • How much do I need to post on social media?
  • Do I really have to do ALL of the tactics?
  • Can I watch the birds instead of marketing?
  • How do I align my goals with action steps that are in integrity with my values?

Price: $390 

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Re-Wild Your Business

Doing business in alignment with your true self is a simple philosophy, and it isn't always easy to implement alone. 

Together we'll create a thriving business ecosystem aligned with your values.

Every month you'll get:

  • A 45-min coaching session every month for focused support
  • 1 private asynchronous check-in via Loom monthly to maintain momentum while you take action
  • A private space for tracking goals, celebrating success, and planning for the future
  • Customized support for your business and your spirit

Price: $497/month

Limited spots available

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Rowan Mangan

Writer and Wayfinder Life Coach

Working with Carmen is THE BEST. All my anxiety and uncertainty about my business disappears every time we talk. She is a patient teacher, a whip-smart coach, and a business genius. After our meetings, I go back to work feeling calm, confident, and deeply inspired.

Martha Beck

New York Times bestselling author and
founder of Wayfinder Life Coach Training

My favorite thing about Carmen is that she shares my ideal of making every customer connection—emails, FaceBook Live broadcasts, webinars—a form of service. It’s a style of marketing that puts the customer first, and I love that.

I also love the data and critical analysis we’ve been able to do with Carmen’s help. She’s a bundle of energy who always aims to give, rather than take, and I consider myself very lucky to work with her.

Sarah Papp

Master Life Coach and Founder of
Unstoppable Ease

Working with Carmen isn't like working with your typical business strategist. Yes, she knows marketing and strategy and how to scale your business, but she combines this knowledge with a deeper, soul-centered purpose. She gets to know you, and the soul of your business so that the strategy is both effective and authentic.

The Wildpreneur Field Guide

We believe in curiosity, experimentation, and compassionate iteration.
This is how we DO business differently. 

The Tracks We Follow

Why we listen . . .

Eat the Cake & Keep Shipping!

Through connection, storytelling, and leadership we create the world.

I'm Carmen Schreffler.

I work with life coaches, spiritual mentors, authors, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to combine their innate inner wisdom and proven business strategies to meet and exceed their goals.
This strategy takes successful businesses from plateaued to profitable, from burned out to restorative.

When we work together, we make...

...5-figure launches without sleepless nights

...7-figure launches without 6-figure ad spend

...time slow down (think: family dinners, carpools, massages, date nights, and long walks)

...magic happen, the synchronicities will knock your socks off!

More about Carmen

Wildpreneur Field Guide

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Wildpreneur Field Guide

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