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Lead with your heart, mind, body and spirit. Change the world, one choice at a time.

Carmen Schreffler

Hi, I'm Carmen Schreffler

Founder of WildpreneurTM

I started my business as a single, homeschooling mom of three who wanted to create a business that supported my family—time flexible and financially stable.

My children have long since left my nest, but I still value my financial stability, and my freedom to travel, or spend time walking through the mountains.

Over the last decade, I've worked with life coaches, New York Times bestselling authors, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create marketing/business strategies. 

Together, we've made magic happen...

...5-figure launches without sleepless nights.

...7-figure launches without 6-figure ad spend.

...time slows down (think: family dinners, carpools, massages, date nights, and long walks).

...dreams expand and goals are exceeded.


Build a Thriving Business 

Find the resources that are right for you.

Marketing For Wayfinders

Learn the tools to cultivate a thriving business so you can be a positive change in the world around you!

You became an entrepreneur because you: 

  • KNOW that your services can change people's lives
  • Value doing business with heart and humanity at its core
  • Want to create an income that will support you and your dreams  

In Marketing for Wayfinders you'll learn how to: 

  • Use The Wildpreneur Method to develop a sustainable business and marketing strategy
  • Determine the elements of your Wayfinder’s Compass to use while running your business
  • Learn how to implement holistic tactics to connect with your ideal clients
  • Leave behind hustle and burn out
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Single Session Consult

Get Carmen's eyes and mind on your business.

Have you ever wished you could. . .

  • have an expert review your sales page
  • get advice on what emails to send and when
  • create a social media plan that you'll actually implement
  • have help creating a strategic plan

Now you can!

When you book a 60-minute call, you can bring up to 3 topics that you want us to cover in our call. 

When we work together you'll receive: 

  • Actionable and inspired next steps
  • Answers to your marketing questions
  • Two weeks of follow-up email support
  • 60-min call recording

Together, we'll explore what's right for you, your team, and your business so you can thrive!

Price: $597

(Consult Calls book out approximately 4-6 weeks in advance.)

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Fractional CMO

Doing business in alignment with your true self is a simple philosophy, and it isn't easy to implement alone.

Here are a few ideas of what we can work on together: 

  • Creating a sustainable marketing strategy 
  • Develop a strategic launch strategy and decide on aligned actions
  • Social Media Strategy using aligned actions to create consistency and traction
  • Growing a team to support your vision

What you’ll receive when we work together: 

  • Actionable next steps
  • Customizable marketing templates, videos, or swipe files depending on the needs of your individual project 
  • Ongoing asynchronous support
  • A partner in your business
  • Monthly 60-minute accountability sessions

Together, we'll explore what's right for you and your business so you can thrive!

Price begins at $1997/month
Commitment: 6 months

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