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About me

Hi, I’m Carmen Schreffler! I can’t wait to help you build a business ecosystem that honors your values and your goals.

I work with life coaches, spiritual mentors, authors, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to combine their innate inner wisdom with proven business strategies to craft doable action plans. This strategy takes successful businesses from plateaued to profitable, and from exhausting to expansive.

Clients have included: Byron Katie, Martha Beck, and coaches from around the world.

When we work together, we make . . .

Magic Happen 

. . . 5-figure launches without sleepless nights

. . . 7-figure launches without 6-figure ad spend

. . . time slows down (think: family dinners, massages, date nights, curled up with a good book, and long walks)

. . . dreams expand and goals are exceeded

The WildpreneurTM Method


Your business is an ecosystem made up of symbiotic relationships & elements. These elements, working in synchronicity, generate an abundant environment beneficial to everyone involved. 

Perspective: How you share your unique values and message

Purpose: The reason you do what you're doing (for yourself & for others) 

Presence: Doing the work & marketing your business

 Profit: Reaping the multi-layered benefits of your work (money, time, impact)

Peace: Planning time to rest & regenerate to manifest your wildest goals

A Wildpreneur consciously cultivates each of the 5 elements supporting their whole business to generate presence and profit in integrity with their goals and values.

Abigail (Steidley) Morgan

Master Life Coach & Founder of Mind-Body Magic Coach Training

Carmen is a magician. She is able to see into my soul and help me translate who I am into clear messaging and marketing for my business.

The campaigns and offerings we have created together have been the most effective I've ever experienced in my business, by MILES. I adore her blend of intuition and practicality. She brings so much expertise, wisdom, and genius to my entire business.

I feel like I have a true collaboration with someone I can rely on and trust, and she works fast and in-sync with me in a magical flow

Bev Barnes

Master Life Coach & Founder of The Souls Calling Academy

Collaborating with Carmen has brought clarity and definition to the marketing and structure of my business. 

Your gift is your intuitive ability to see the direction that the journey needs to take next. I don't feel like I'm doing it alone - and at the same time, I always have the lead.

Wildpreneur Field Guide 

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