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Not Every Business Needs to Make 7-Figures

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Not every business needs to become a 7-figure business.

What?! Yep, I said it. 

Not every business needs to become a 7-figure business.

I know it goes against EVERYTHING you hear spewing out of the be a badass boss clubs.

But, it isn’t for everyone, and that’s OKAY!

Don’t I have to make 7-figures if I’m going to call myself a success?

Um, short answer. No.

When we think of success, we envision high-roller lifestyles—champagne and limousines. Unfortunately, Hollywood has done a great job making us believe that is what we NEED to be successful.

Well, I call bullshit.

Success is not just monetary. It comes in all shapes and sizes. 

It truly depends on what YOU desire in your life.

What it means to be successful.

Everyone deserves to choose the right path for themselves, without shame that if that path isn’t focused on growing their business to 7-figures, they are doing it wrong.

Success can be:

  • making enough money to pay for summer vacations, 
  • paying off your mortgage early, 
  • working just enough to cover the bills and go fishing every afternoon,
  • working from home so you can also keep your kids at home with you.

ALL of these are fabulous!

There is no wrong answer as long as your goals are in integrity with the life that you want to build.

True agency means deciding what you want and setting your goals accordingly. Build YOUR dream life, not someone else’s. 

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