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Radishes, Mint and Marketing!


I was at the local market last week when this display stopped me in my tracks! 


I couldn't get enough of it. The colors. The smell. It made every cell of my being tingle! We walked away with bunches of radishes and mint. 

On the drive home, I was struck by how excited I felt down to the very cell of my being. (I think my daughter thought I might have lost it a little! She kept looking at me with that perfect blend of teenage disdain and curiosity.)  I was in that space of complete resonance with the world, where it all feels in Flow. I was bouncing in my seat!

Why wasn't I going to the market regularly? 

After I got home, it took me 15 minutes to clear my schedule for the remainder of the summer so that I could go and soak in the bounty of the market. 

What happened the rest of the week is why making this shift is so important to my business! 

Things that had been difficult became easy! 

Stop. Read that again - Things that had been difficult became easy! 

The actual tasks didn't change, but my attitude did. 

I made progress on updating my website and my offers. Something that has been hanging out on my to-do list for over three months! 

I wrapped up several other projects that had been lingering in the 70% pile. 

I did yard work, cleaned the house, and wrangled the laundry pile (no small feat with 5 of us in the house!) 

Where did all of this energy come from? 

It was released when I settled into the Flow state and reconnected with the joy and inner wisdom that resides within. 

It is so easy to forget that finding and connecting to this place of resonance is essential to living a life of joy and building a business that supports it! 

The messages around us encourage us to hustle, push harder, do this, and do that or else! The only path to success is one of grind and slay. 

We forget to slow down and ask ourselves why we are doing all the things, and how will this actually serve my business, my team, my family, and myself? 

I am lucky to be surrounded by people who remind me every day to notice the joy, slow down, and follow the whispers of my inner wisdom. 

I would love to hear what whispers your inner wisdom is sending your way or what I can do to support you in listening to yours! Hit reply and share them with me. 

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