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Keeping Your Personal & Work Life Separate . . . or not

Society trains us to compartmentalize — work in one box and personal in another.

How's that working for you? Especially this past year.

Not well, would be my guess.

There is another way, a way to live holistically as you grow your business. 

Bringing together the Spiritual and Business

Thich Nhat Hanh says, "Spiritual practice is not just sitting and meditation. Practice is looking, thinking, touching, drinking, eating and talking. Every act, every breath, and every step can be practice and can help us to become more ourselves.”

When we follow Hanh's advice, it becomes impossible for our spiritual practice to be separate from our work.

What does that mean for our work?

Values can guide us rather than lurking in the dark. 

Wellness, not hustling, can take center stage. 

Capacity and resilience can be factored into our decisions.

Self-compassion and empathy can be brought into our interactions on all levels. 

Spirit infuses everything we do when we allow it in.

Create the world you want to live in one decision at a time.



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