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Culture teaches us to solve our problems with our beautiful minds.

It teaches us from an early age that the only way to a gold star 🌟 is through following the rules and being "smart."

We quickly learn to push down all the pesky emotions that get in the way of being logical and rational.

I mean we WANT all the gold stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Right?!

And yet, is that really where the real intelligence lies?

Um, hell no.

It is in our ability to lead with our hearts.

A brain in service to the heart is a much more powerful tool.

I remember when I attended the Nine Day School for The Work with Byron Katie, the terror that I felt as the control of the ego/mind slipped away.

I was terrified about what would happen to my business. I mean, I make my money through critical analysis and strategizing, both brain-centric tasks - or at least that is my ego's story, it was pretty keen on sticking to it.

So, I asked Katie, "Katie, what will happen to my business? It feels so scary to let the control reverse to my heart."

She laughed and said, "Dear Carmen, imagine your beautiful brain without all the junk mail."

I wasn't ready in that moment to fully trust her. I loved the idea, and I didn't grasp how powerful it would FEEL to make decisions from a heart-centered space.

It is a concept that the brain can rationally understand but isn't known until it is FELT.

It was the first of many steps on the path to unlearning the lessons of childhood and culture.

Two years later, the FEELING of moving from that centered heart space is one of flow and power.

I crave moving from that space more and more as the paths back to it become better defined and well-trodden.

Today was one of those days.

Today my gold stars 🌟were for being brave enough to begin following an inspired idea (that goes against culture), for shedding tears and finding laughter at the same time with a coach, and for being present with my family.

It's been a good day.

What are your gold stars for today?

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